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A wedding should be a unique event in a person's life. No wonder, if  You want a perfect day, full of love, joy and happiness. You do not want to leave anything to chance. Plan each detail of Your wedding carefully, so that the "most beautiful day in Your life" succeeds.

However, not all bridal couples have the opportunity to organize such a special event without any help, whether because of business or private reasons.


As Your personal wedding manager I support You with words and deeds!


It is my passion- to take care of all Your wishes and actions for Your perfect day. Whether You want to involve me already in the generation of  Your private wedding homepage or You would like to assign me first with the search for the appropriate music band. I even take care of thanks for the guests when the "most beautiful day of Your life" has already been celebrated extensively and all the guests are back home. 


I recomand to make an appointment for the first and non-binding acquaintance.